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Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Sponge
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This is the most delicious and gorgeous dark chocolate and raspberry cup cake which is the less sweet as compared to normal cupcakes.


•    Dark chocolate 100g
•    Unsalted butter, softened 60g
•    Milk 100ml
•    Caster sugar 100g
•    Raspberries 2 hand full
•    Brown sugar 30g
•    Vanilla essence ½ tsp
•    Self raising flour 140g
•    Egg 1

Recipe direction

1.    Just heat the oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit.
2.    Take the 12 cup cake pans with the cup cake paper.
3.    Take 10g of butter in the bowl and let it be melted over the boiled water. Then add the chocolate into the butter and mix it well by malting.
4.    Take all the ingredients of cake into the large bowl except raspberries, chocolate and egg.
5.    Put the egg into cup and beat it lightly.
6.    Beat all the ingredients with the help of electric mixers and it can be by the hands as well and during this add the egg also and beat it again.
7.    After wards add the raspberries and melted chocolate and mix it well.
8.    Pour the mixture into the cake cases which should be greased.
9.    Bake the cakes for 20-25 minutes as long as it rises.
10.    Let it be cooled for sometime then shift it into the wire racks.
11.    Then completely leave it to cool before icing.

To decorate

We can decorate these cup cakes by using the fresh raspberries, fresh butter cream etc.